We all know that the world is full of distractions, discomfort and stress, which is why we aim to make High Pastures as restful and restorative as it can be. Our hearts are rooted in serving our guests but we have found two big problems that are creating issues for them: outdated air and water systems. 

These older systems increase our overhead costs for energy and water use, need frequent repairs and are not very user-friendly. Our goal is to update these systems not only to decrease our outgoing funds, but to allow us to create a better experience for each guest we serve. Updating these systems means easier use for our guests, lower energy and water bills which will allow us to use those funds to further improve our ministry and create a peaceful environment for our guests to reconnect with the Lord, their group and leave feeling restored! 

We want our guests to feel 100% comfortable and cared for during their stay and part of that is having consistent and clean water and air. The total cost to update our HVAC and water systems will be $87,000.

Do you want to get involved? There are four ways you can help serve the lord through serving His people: 

  1. Donate directly to us via Paypal. 

  2. Sponsor a project or cabin. Get started by emailing

  3. Refer a friend to us! 

  4. Pray for the Lord to move in our groups during their time at High Pastures!