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No, We Don't Close for the Winter!

One of our goals this winter has been to encourage our guests to book throughout January & February. Many people mistakenly think we close in the winter. A cold winter retreat can be so cozy! This season is great to reflect on the previous year and focus on what's important for the year ahead. Once beautiful Autumn foliage gives way to winter’s call, they are no longer a hinderance to our perspective. Our winters provide views more universal and grander than any other season. Add a little snow into the scene and… wow. There is no reason to miss out on HP in the winter. So far, our 5 small cabins have been booked every weekend!

We are committed to keeping our roads clear and ready for guests in case of snow or ice. Surprising to some, the snow has attracted many people to our area that don't otherwise get to enjoy it! Think skiing, snow tubing, sledding, or just enjoying the views from the warm indoors in front of a fireplace.

We are fortunate to enjoy four distinct seasons. Each season offers a different, yet equally stirring, experience at High Pastures. Don't miss a single one!

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